Motorbikes are popular – both new and used – right now. Are you looking to buy a used one and feel insecure about the potential pitfalls? In fact, the purchase price can still be quite high, even if not as high for a new bike. Therefore, it is normal to feel uneasy and seek as much information about the matter as possible. These are some fundamental tips for buying a used motorcycle with fewer worries and lower mistake risk.

Do your research:

Even though you may be in a hurry when looking for a motorcycle, not getting carried away in the process is very important. Therefore, ideally, you should study quite a lot of things about bikes before starting to look for the right model.

So, no matter how long is the article of the first link or how engaging the first motorcycle might be, for the correct choice, it is worth doing more research. However, you need to stay within some realistic timeframes and topics that truly matter in your case, which brings us to the second point.

Know what exactly do you want:

‘I should buy some bike,’ is a blurry concept. To embark on a fruitful search, in fact, you need to define some parameters: what is that you actually after? How exactly are you going to use the purchased motorcycle? From this point on, it becomes possible to narrow down the range, then define the model.

Together with the choice of the type of bike – sports, standard, touring, off-road, cruiser, dual-purpose –, you’ll have to define the budget for the purchase. After all, the market may offer several quality and price levels for the same type of motorcycle.

Compare your options:

The idea is to define two or three options and make final well-advised comparisons. With this in mind, it is worth writing down the main elements of the decision, such as: 

  • price; 
  • quality;
  • motorcycle condition; 
  • brand;
  • payment options.

This way, when about to decide between, say, Yamaha V-Star 250 and Honda GROM, you’ll be able to make a better choice by listing all pros and cons of the compared models.

Investigate the truthfulness of the ad:

When choosing an ad – either online or in person – you need to investigate the truthfulness of the ad and the trustworthiness of the seller. It is easier when dealing with an actual shop you can go to, but even if you buy online you can google the dealer’s name and verify if there are any known cases of foul play and credible complaints.

Check the used motorcycle’s condition before buying:

With everything in place for the purchase, it is necessary to calmly analyze the motorcycle. Most problems with items such as the fairing, seat, and tires are easily detectable at first sight.

However, the fundamental aspects of the engine’s health, transmission, and the electrical systems are more delicate. The ideal thing to do is to take it to a trusted mechanic and ask for a complete analysis of the state of each part.

Check all the papers:

If everything is okay with the motorcycle, it is worth investigating the documentation. Be aware that delays and fines can greatly complicate the life of someone who is buying a motorcycle. That is why it is necessary to check everything beforehand.

Even though some prices may scare you right away, it is worth paying fees that make the process more smooth. Therefore, the help of a trusted advisor or motorbike specialist may become necessary.

Stick to your choice of a motorcycle:

Picking a bike you like, then starting relentlessly searching for new listings and options is not the best strategy. Make your decision and only change it if in fact, a possibility arrives that is much more good-looking or if you suddenly find a real problem with the product you’ve chosen.

Note to yourself that even a used motorcycle is a high-value purchase, so it is normal to be a little unsure. Yet, it is also important to be aware of the best buying practices.


By acting on these tips, you’ll be able to get yourself the used motorcycle that’ll suit your needs. And it will serve you well for as long as it’s supposed to.

It’s clear though that buying a bike, even if a used one, isn’t always necessary. Or maybe, you don’t really need a bike, but, say, prefer an electric scooter. New Yorkers have no problem in this regard – there is an excellent scooter rental near Central Park. You can find electric scooters there for an hour or, if need be, for the whole day.

You are sure to find what you need. The main thing is to consult with the experts and to keep moving forward!